Royal Leamington Spa

Mulberry House

Client brief: Regency renovation designed for modern family life.

The gallery wall of family photos makes a personal yet stylish statement in the dining room.

Located in the heart of the Regency town, the 15-room period home is set against a backdrop of wide boulevards and stunning architecture. Following several years as a rented property, Mulberry House had faded into disrepair and required a great deal of care, work and attention to return it to its former glory. Excited by the opportunity to bring it back to life, we set about reshaping the house for modern family living.

Redesigned to maximise light and space, the kitchen makes a real feature of bespoke carpentry with floor-to-ceiling cabinets and banquet dining area.
The ground floor incorporates rich textures and detailing to create inviting nooks for both reading and relaxing.

Together with the architect and the build team, we enhanced the exterior and accentuated the beautiful proportions, ceiling height and natural light of the spacious period rooms. To maximise the rhythm and flow of the home, we remodelled the lower ground floor to incorporate a guest suite, utility, cinema space and home office and redefined the first-floor bathrooms. We redesigned the kitchen and repositioned the staircase to the lower ground floor to make room for a ground floor cloakroom.

Bespoke floating bookshelves and toy boxes in the ground floor playroom leave plenty of floor space for the children to enjoy.
In the main suite, traditional elements mix with the super modern—infused with warm dusky pink and off-white tones.
Whimsical wallpaper and future heirlooms inject a sophisticated yet playful touch to the child’s bedroom.

Throughout the interior, we introduced an evocative mix of finishes, furnishings, and fabrics. The timeless palette of greys, blues, off-whites and golden hues infused the home with much-needed warmth, character and texture. Custom-made detailing, storage and upholstery enlivened the spaces while injecting a sense of personality and sophistication.

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