Renowned for impeccable detailing, Noreen Ogilvie Interiors is synonymous with the creation of beautifully crafted, calm, comfortable and elegant spaces.

‘Liveable luxury’ – that’s how Noreen Ogilvie describes her style. Since establishing her studio in Leamington Spa, she has quickly become known for her acute attention to detail, as she knows every item contributes to the overall feel of a room and home.

Noreen has curated an extraordinary network of architects, designers, suppliers and master craftspeople throughout the UK and Europe, dedicated to delivering the best designs and services for private individuals and property developers. The studio’s core ethos is based around building exquisite interiors with a service-based professional, not to mention a collaborative approach.

‘Having been on both the designer and client-side, I know first-hand that property development of any scale can provide challenges. I work closely and collaboratively with my clients to ensure that the whole experience is seamless and enjoyable.’

Noreen Ogilvie, Founder and Owner.

At Noreen Ogilvie Interiors, we understand that every project is unique. If you have something in mind, and are looking for that personal touch, we would love to hear from you.

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